About Mr. Darcy

David Darcy is a trained Waldorf teacher, musician, and nature enthusiast. He is a popular education speaker in universities and colleges throughout central Texas, and consults with homeschoolers around the world. He has published two books: “Inspiring Your Child’s Education” and “Playing the Pentatonic Flute”. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Birmingham Southern College and pursued graduate work at Vanderbilt University. David   received his Waldorf teacher training certificate from Rudolf Steiner College in 1992.

David brings decades of experience and expertise in all areas of teaching, mentoring teachers and homeschooling parents, and providing adult education and training for co-ops, initiatives, and established schools. He has helped many individuals, groups and organizations deepen their understanding of Waldorf education and explore ways to apply healthy and effective educational principles and pedagogy in unique school settings.

He is a nationally recognized expert in Waldorf education and a popular teacher locally running his own school program, Mr. Darcy’s Class. He draws from over 20 years of experience in independent education, public speaking, and consulting.   


Parents play a huge role in how well their son or daughter does in school. A successful school day begins the night before, with a bedtime that allows the student to wake fully rested in plenty of time to get ready for the school day. Add to this a hearty and healthy breakfast and an age-appropriate chore or two, and your child will  be ready to learn, play and be a pleasant classmate.



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